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Volunteering is easy! Just say yes!
The work undertaken by our volunteers is invaluable and nothing can be achieved without their participation, help and support. Our volunteers are treated with respect and courtesy and we expect to receive the same professionalism in return. Our volunteers are the key to the continuation of Mission Fellowship International's work.

The roles of our volunteers differ according to the specific projects, their gifts, abilities and ministries. Generally we expect our volunteers to fulfil their responsibilities with a respectful and friendly approach, maintaining a loving relationship with their team, and having an open minded approach to local customs, foods and traditions whilst on the mission field.

We cover a range of ministry departments from teaching to singing to dance and many others. But we also require people who are available to negotiate resources, keep in contact with people we serve and other team members. People who can help facilitate us in printing books and manuals, produce designs and t-shirts and other fundraising merchandise, we need fundraisers, manufactures, presenters, representatives and intercessors.

There is a job and a role for everybody. God gave us unlimited creativity and with the desire to serve him we can do anything. If you want to volunteer in any of these areas or have any skill you want to volunteer please get in touch with us!

No one is too famous or insignificant, great or useless to serve God. All he requires is a willing heart and a surrendered life. He has designed us all with specific gifts and abilities to fulfil different purposes and we all have something to offer.

Jesus can use anybody. From pastor's kids to born again rehabilitated murderers. Don't agree? Check the scriptures! Just say yes!

Today Guyana has the highest suicide rate in the world 44.6 per Capita (100,000). Mission Fellowship International is preparing an Anti-suicide Mission to Guyana with sustainable long term impact.

Updates coming soon. Look Out

Updates coming soon. Stay tune...

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