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Mission Fellowship International is a ministry based fellowship where individuals come, get envisioned, prepared and equipped to participate in missional services locally and internationally. A place where worship is essential and expressions of worship propel one into God's Missions, where missions is about serving those who are in crisis, hunger, need, prison, danger and in need of the love of Jesus where ever in the world. Mission Fellowship International stands in the gap to prepare, equip, envision and send out mission hearted teams to establish, support, build, minister, serve and facilitate the locals. Taking professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs, singers, bankers, IT engineers, social workers, engineers, doctors and nurses into the countries and areas of need.

If you would like to identify with or connect with and support Mission Fellowship International, desirous to be a part of the vision and what we are doing in and around the world then we ask you to register with us. Your registration with us will strengthen us to fulfil the vision and mandate. Thank you.

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3rd Saturday of the month 4.00pm meet for fellowship and equipping.

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Mail Box 178, 83 Ducie Street
Manchester. M1 2JQ