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School of Ministry

Churches now have an opportunity to apply to become a registered School of Ministry with GMBI and utilize this proven curriculum to train their members and enable them to obtain a Diploma in Christian Ministry from GMBI.

Diploma of Christian Ministry
Hundreds of local churches from all over the world are using this dynamic curriculum to disciple and train believers from foundational truths to becoming effective ministers and leaders.

• Over 150,000 students are currently being trained at diploma level.
• Thousands of believers including pastors, evangelists, ministers and missionaries are in the process of being trained.
• Thousands have already graduated.
• Students can transfer credits towards an accredited degree with Global Theological University.

When a church enrols to become a School of Ministry, they are able to teach their members this Christian life-empowering program.

The School of Ministry consists of fifteen training manuals, each one covering a subject that will give students a balanced understanding of the Word as well as skills pertaining to the believer's walk and ministry.

1. Discovery
2. Prayer School
3. Healing School
4. Evangelism I
5. Principles of Faith
6. Knowing God's Will and Voice
7. Christian Doctrine
8. Christian Character
9. Christian Stewardship
10. The Glorious Church
11. Theology and Life
12. Christian Leadership I
13. Christian Leadership II
14. Evangelism II
15. Christian Ministry

About the School of Ministry Program
Each subject will have the following important core values woven into its content:

• A love for God
• A loyalty to the church
• A passion for souls
• Development of godly character
• Raising up a new generation of leaders The benefits of this training will be felt for years to come, both in the lives of the students as well as in the growth of the church. This is more than just theory; our Schools of Ministry have a history of producing good fruit.

We have received numerous testimonies of growth and involvement among the students who commit themselves to this program. GMBI's School of Ministry exists to facilitate the local church pastor in the training and equipping of the saints.

• Affordable for any church
• Affordable for every believer

For all inquiries to register a School of Ministry, please contact us on office@missionfellowship.net
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Meeting Days:

3rd Saturday of the month 4.00pm meet for fellowship and equipping.

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