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Building Bridges
Price: £10.00
Hands of Jesus
Price: £13.00
Pioneers or Settlers
Price: £3.50
The Ministry of the Psalmist
Price: £15.00
Trophies of Grace
Price: £8.00
Worlds Within Reach
Price: £3.99
The Worshipping You
Price: £12.00
Psalmody Level One
Price: £35.00
Psalmody Level Two
Price: £35.00
What is going on the Middle East
Price: £9.00 + pp

What is going on the Middle East
Price: £9.00 + pp

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Meeting Days:

3rd Saturday of the month 4.00pm meet for fellowship and equipping.

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Mail Box 178, 83 Ducie Street
Manchester. M1 2JQ