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About Mission Fellowship International

Our Vision
Our heart is to respond to the call of God's Missional heart and leave a life changing impact to the nations and communities we serve bringing help and equipping support, delivering people from physical and spiritual poverty whilst transforming the lives of our teams who work to make this happen. We also seek to promote and fulfil such other charitable purposes beneficial to the community in London and in such other parts of the United Kingdom or the world.

Our Mission
To equip and empower our team members to join local people in projects that facilitates them escaping poverty and sickness and to challenge and motivate them towards missions to the deprived of this world. We seek to relieve persons who are in conditions of need or hardship or who are aged or sick and to relieve the distress caused thereby in London and in such other parts of the United Kingdom or the world.

Our Values
At Mission Fellowship International we are committed to Christian values governed by Biblical principles. They determine our attitude, culture, and ethos and impact every activity.

Our Team Members & Supporters
We are open and welcome people to join the team. We give particular attention to recruiting, developing, valuing and retaining outstanding members, donors, volunteers and overseas partners.

What we do
We simply serve and equip International and local communities and believers in practical ways and getting them ready for acts of service to God and his purposes. We join local people in what they do well; bringing the resources, hope and encouragement that yields a significant legacy.

How do we do this?
In addition to sharing God's heart and helping people realise they have a purpose we also provide bible based teaching and training in worship, praise, dance and flagging.
We have programs for all age groups with adapted materials to suit different levels.

As a registered Charity we are submitted to the Charity Commissioner's rules and guidelines operationally. Also as a board of trustees we are committed to the cause of Christ and seek to love and serve our fellow mankind in alleviating suffering, pain and need in our world making the best use of resources we direct.

Where are we?
We are based in London but operate worldwide. With mission trips to Guyana, Sweden, Zambia, Nepal and plans to serve in India, Nigeria, Philippines, USA and other parts of Asia to the unreached and deprived people groups as God sends.

Who are we?
We are a great mix of individuals, worshippers, teachers, engineers, pastors, leaders, Pharmacist, businessmen, craftsmen, students, singers, worship leaders and Musicians from different churches around the globe; each one having sensed a called in their lives to do their part in fulfilling God's missional mandate having the heart of God for people.
We have a variety of cultures, ages and gifts. From young African singers to Chinese flaggers to more mature West Indian teachers …………….
You can meet us all on our profile page!

Today Guyana has the highest suicide rate in the world 44.6 per Capita (100,000). Mission Fellowship International is preparing an Anti-suicide Mission to Guyana with sustainable long term impact.

Updates coming soon. Look Out

Updates coming soon. Stay tune...

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Meeting Days:

3rd Saturday of the month 4.00pm meet for fellowship and equipping.

Postal Address:

Mail Box 178, 83 Ducie Street
Manchester. M1 2JQ