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Facilitating the acquisition of a new vehicle for the Hauraruni Bible School (HIMTC) in Guyana South America. Sponsors and donations are welcome.

Sponsor students through the Hauraruni International Ministry Training Centre Bible school through an individual student sponsorship program

On Saturday 25 April a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, crippling lives and disrupting infrastructure. Over 7,000 people are reported to have died and over 14,000 people were injured. This huge earthquake was followed by more than 60 aftershocks, which toppled homes and schools, forcing thousands of families into open spaces and temporary camps. Many families are struggling simply to protect themselves from the sun and rain and we expect needs to grow in the coming days as we receive more information from remote areas.

As children and families face the aftermath of this disaster, water supplies are running low and the risk of waterborne diseases such as cholera is growing rapidly. With the monsoon season only a few weeks away, children face greater risk of disease and infection. We're aiming to give us much support we can to help care and rebuild the affected areas of Nepal.

Almost all of the hospitals in the affected districts have been destroyed and many of those most in need are in remote areas. Our donations and Support will help save lives.

Prison Ministry, Guyana
As a body we are to help and support each other whether it is in our local church or the underground church half the way around the world. The church is constantly under attack in every nation. From government to criminals to extremist religious groups to corporate companies and employers.

In some cases we hear that Christians are put to death or the church buildings are raided, burnt. Pastor executed, children forced to denounce the name of Jesus, men and women abused and made examples of. We continually pray for these believers and their antagonists, we pray that through it all Gods glory is still seen and Gods love is still felt. We send resources and people as well as aid to these groups of people whom are so harshly treated.

We hear of governments and authorities closing down churches and arresting those claiming to believe in the true God. We would like to be able to lend legal support where it is useful as well as our prayers. We would like to be publically supportive of the individuals so that they are encouraged to still believe and trust in God.

Even in England the church is persecuted. Employees unable to public display their faith without consequence. In a "Christian" nation the church is placed after Islam. Christians are censored from what they are allowed to preach, speak and share from the word of God. Forced to obey laws that conflict with the instructions of the Bible.

We support organisations that provide free legal advice and services to those unfairly persecuted for their beliefs as a Christian. We also support Christians in positions of influence, in government so that the voice of God can be heard amongst the leaders of the country. We continually pray for our leaders to be open and to make right decisions. We would like to encourage and support believers who are interested and trying to get into the political arena to forward Gods voice.

Solar light and power project to an unreached people group in the north of Nigeria.

Building a school for an unreached people group children in a community with approx. 250 children who has no education in the north of Nigeria.

The Anti-Suicide Mission Targeting Suicide in Guyana: currently with Highest Suicide Rate in the World

The epidemiological evidence presents a distressing reality that there is a very high rate of suicidal and self-harming behaviour in the youth of Guyana. There is therefore an urgent need to get community leaders and decision makers to a forum where the factors contributing to this scenario can be examined and solutions explored alongside all that is already being done.

It was in January 2016 while working early hours one morning that God shown me that Guyana has highest suicide rate in the world. I have since found out that suicides in Guyana are mostly caused by consumption of agricultural pesticides (approximately 40% of the suicides). The reasons behind these actions are most probably due to mental health challenges, depression and lack of outside help or helplessness (with mental health and depression) etc. From a religious view, Hindus commit suicide in Guyana more than any other religion including Christianity. I stopped doing what I was doing and prayed for the nation and the people of Guyana. I sense a spiritual onslaught on the government, church and community leaders and the people of Guyana. It never went away from my spirit but due to my busy business schedule I resigned only to pray. March this year I was in New York where I visited one pastor whom I never met before and knows nothing about me, who came out of the blues and said to me bro we must do something in Guyana they have the highest suicide rate in the world. I though “what is he telling me for”. He has not been back to Guyana for nearly 30 years and he is not aware that I have a heart for missions. I listened to all he had to say and noted in my spirit with very little response. When I got home I lay on my bed and started talking to God about this very strange way to confirm and set me on plan for an anti-suicide mission initiative in Guyana. On returning to London I started praying for wisdom, guidance, direction and expertise. In June, God orchestrated that I have a meeting with a leading mental health expert in London, with whom we have subsequently had several meetings and have prepared the strategy and an outline and proposal for an Anti-Suicide Guyana Mission.

* Ecclesiastes 2:17 – while pursuing pleasure (worldly riches), King Solomon came to a point where he hated life.
* 1 Kings 19:4 – Elijah the prophet wanted to die because of depression and fearfulness.
* You know this story already – Jonah, while in the belly of the whale, was so angry With God, he wished for death.
* While their problems were comparable to the modern world in which we live today none of these men committed suicide

This mission requires your prayer and financial support. We have a £20,000.00 budget please sow into saving these lives

Donate to help bring support to displaced and Ukrainian families and children



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