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Our Mission Work in Guyana
Prison Ministry

In Georgetown, Mission Fellowship International supports prisons and inmates by sending them books, bibles and visiting them once a year to speak into their lives and demonstrate the love of Christ. The impact of this is invaluable as you witness the turnaround that only God can orchestrate in their lives, transforming them from thieves, murderers, etc. to repentant men ready to serve God.

Feeding the Hungry
We support projects that feed the hungry and starving children in the local community by cooking, packaging and delivering hot food to them on the streets. As you watch them eat their food and see their expression of content, your eyes are opened to the importance and significance that this ministry brings to their lives.

Youth Camp
Our heart is that the youth of Guyana will be challenged, enjoy themselves and their lives be positively impacted as they learn and experience God's presence.

Annually we support and facilitate a youth camp held in Hararuni. The camp will engage a variety of youth from differing backgrounds from around Guyana.

The daily programs include daily devotions, teaching and fellowship, targeting current issues that face this generation and how to be passionate about God both in our physical and spiritual journey in the practical outworking of our daily lives.

We need your support, sponsorship and financial gifts to make these happen. So please volunteer and give today. Your sowing today will bring your harvest tomorrow. Give generously!

End Suicide in Guyana campaign mission
Today Guyana has the highest suicide rate in the world 44.6 per Capita (100,000). The rest of the world averages around 16 per capita. This extremely high rate persists; many are challenged beyond their ability to cope as they live lives without hope. Research highlighted various causes and motivation for suicide. David Prasad was challenged in London in January early hours one morning to pray for the nation, the people, the government, the church leaders and community leaders, when he saw a great spiritual heavy cloud over the nation. He prayed in earnest and left the rest to God but God called him aside in March whilst in New York and told him to prepare for mission to go and help bring about a change and so came back and teamed up with one of London’s top Christian mental health expert to partner with him in preparing for a specific Anti-suicide Mission to Guyana next year. We are aiming to lead strategic and on the ground initiatives with sustainable long term impact through partnering relationships. Please pray and support this great work.

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